In accordance with our management principles; providing of condition of our policy and management systems. Also improving and reviewing them continuously.

Announcing our policy and management systems requirements to our employees, sub-contractors, customers, suppliers and make them accessible.

Setting goals and objectives by improvingly and monitor them by providing all necessary opportunities to accomplish goals.

Monitoring and evaluating all requirements related to quality, environment, safety legislation and customer expectations.

Meet employees satisfaction, customer expectations, supplier performance and contributing them to make it happen.

Defining all risky operations that can cause accident, near misses, hazardous situations and evaluating and reducing their severity, possibility, frequency, exposure rates if possible eliminating them.

Evaluating all impacts that can harm to environment and if possible eliminating them.

Taking all kind of precautions for preventing accidents, injuries and impairment of health.

Taking all kind of precautions for preventing environment pollution and measuring the energy consumption to reduce it.