At ALCE, we define the concept of sustainability in economic, environmental, social and governance dimensions and see it as the cornerstone of our business processes. We are aware of the importance of sustainable growth and progress for our customers, suppliers, employees and business partners.

From our point of view, Social Responsibility and Sustainability is the set of behaviors and principles that our company voluntarily adopts and that responds to or exceeds the social and environmental expectations we live in.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability is not a new concept for ALCE, as we have established constructive relations with the society since the first day we started our operations. Along with the developing society, these activities continue to develop. We see ISO 26000 and Corporate Social Responsibility Standards as the guiding standard in which all these activities are addressed.

There are 7 main items consisting of basic elements on social responsibility and services:

Organizational Structure
Human Rights
Labor Practices
Fair Operating Practices
Customer Issues
Community Involvement and Development

The main purpose of our corporate social responsibility and sustainability activities are:

Establishing the organizational infrastructure for Social Responsibility
Protection of human rights together with the management system
Social responsibility concept for employees
An environmentally friendly way of doing business
Justice among employees
Compliance with customers
Social participation and development.

As ALCE, we also demonstrate the highest level of integrity and sustainability in our supply chain and in all our businesses, and we declare this behavior in our own ALCE Code of Conduct document. Zero tolerance for unethical behavior such as bribery, corruption and forced labor is an ALCE principle. ALCE expects all its suppliers to comply with these labor standards and business principles at the same level.

At ALCE we plan to reduce our CO2 footprint in order reduce our emissions and protect the environment.